Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

070 Den Haag – In het Engels!

Holiday Season is coming up and what best way to start it with a twist. We like to invite you and all your friends, family & good spirits to an evening full of Humbug, Culture & Beer!


He’s kind and gen’rous to the sick

He’d never spread a nasty rumour

He never gets on people’s wick

And doesn’t laugh at toilet humour


Blackadder! Blackadder!

He’s sickeningly good

Blackadder! Blackadder!

As nice as Christmas pud.


Location:    Café play reading at Café de la Gare, Nieuwe Schoolstraat 13A, The Hague

Date & time:                      17 December 2013 | 8pm

International cast | performance in English


Till TAT, cheers!

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